South Tangerang MSMEs Products Enter the Export Market

Tangerang7.com, Ciputat – Products of South Tangerang micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have been upgraded. A total of 40 feet or the equivalent of 50 thousand pieces of goods consisting of handsanitizers, masks, handcream and 2,720 types of perfume are exported to Papua New Guinea. The transaction value reaches 100 thousand dollars.

The Covid-19 pandemic had a major impact, especially on the declining economy. However, this situation does not apply to the South Tangerang Anggrek Bulan Cooperative in developing its business, the MSMEs products from this cooperative are able to go international.

“This is an extraordinary achievement, I really appreciate it. This export is an example and inspiration for other MSMEs to continue to innovate, work hard, and never give up in improving the quality of their products. To be able to compete in the international market,” said the Mayor of South Tangerang, Airin Rachmi. Diany in her speech at the Launching of the Release of Initial Exports to Papua New Guinea, at the South Tangerang City Hall Display Room, Tuesday (19/1/21).

The initial stage with a transaction value of 100 thousand dollars could be the first step in the development of products from the Anggrek Bulan Cooperative.

“The initial stage, export 40 feet or 50 thousand pieces of goods. Consisting of handsanitizers, masks, handcream and 2,720 types of perfume transactions reached 100 thousand dollars, equivalent to Rp 1.5 billion. I pray, hopefully in the future the demand for products from Papua New Guinea will continue to grow and will There is demand from other countries. This will increase the transaction value and revenue, “said Airin.

Although community activities were limited in the midst of this pandemic, the sale and purchase of staple goods remained stable. In fact, the demand tends to increase as seen in online transactions.

“Offline purchases have indeed decreased, but online purchases have increased. Taking advantage of market opportunities is the key for businesses to be able to sell their products,” added Airin.

He hopes that other MSMEs products can catch up to the export market following the steps of the Anggrek Bulan Cooperative. Don’t give up in a bad situation but can survive by taking advantage of the opportunities that exist.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has made the world community experience a crisis. Some people lose their income because the economy is stagnant or even slumping.

“Many have collapsed, lost jobs due to covid-19. We, the government, continue to provide support to business actors to continue to survive with various programs rolled out. One of them is to bring together business actors and buyers,” he said.

Airin also said that the central government is developing a cooperation program for foreign investors in collaboration with MSME players.

“This is an opportunity for South Tangerang MSMEs players to be able to develop their products. And I hope our MSMEs can move up in class by penetrating the export market,” he said. (rls/lin/set)



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